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Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson are an unlikely pair who’ve combined their unique strategies and personalities to give them an edge in today’s real estate industry. With Clint’s determination for getting the job done and doing it right, and Luke’s exceptional stylistic vision, they’ve created a winning formula for success. Luke got his start in real estate simply to fund the high costs associated with adoption. He uses love as the foundation to build his family, real estate business along with his musical and artistic expression. Clint comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and relocated from Texas to Idaho where he met Luke. Clint has a business acumen from having both a business and law degree as well as a contractor’s and broker’s license. Their opposite natures are the perfect complement to each other, and together they are so much more than they could ever be apart. Their HGTV series, Boise Boys, captures their passion of transforming homes in their community, as well as sparking friendships in the lives of everyone around them. Luke and Clint created Flippin’ on the Side as part of their mission to give people the tools they need to achieve financial freedom to fulfill their life-long dreams, but to also help others join in on the love and restoration happening in the communities all around them.